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Ice Cream Flavors


(A complete list of ice cream flavors with essential ingredients)

Almond Cookie

Authentic Chinese almond cookies covered in almond cookie crumbs

Cookies & Cream

Loaded with crushed Oreos married into milk cream base

Lychee Rose

Crafted with lychees and rose extract, topped with lychee flesh

Mint Chocolate Chip

Pure mint and vanilla extract meld with chopped-up chocolate chunks

Pina Colada 

Put together with pineapple puree and coconut cream


Made from taro root with ube extract folded into milk cream base


Pairing of cocoa powder, milk fudge, and semisweet chocolate 

Cookie Dough

Chunks of buttery cookie dough blended into chocolate chips

Matcha Green Tea

Premium quality culinary grade matcha combine with vanilla syrup

Mocha Chip

Fine espresso coffee infused with chocolate, covered in chocolate bits

Sesame Butter

Blend of peanut butter and toasted sesame seeds

Ube Brownie

Prepared with purple yam, ube extract, and brownies


Creamy, bursting coconut flavor with coconut cream, and coconut flakes

Jasmine Milk Tea

Jasmine tea loose leaves with milk and heavy whipping cream

Matcha Oreo

Premium quality culinary grade matcha incorporate with Oreos


Features pandan leaves, pandan extract, and condensed milk


Coarsely chopped strawberries fuse with vanilla syrup


A combination of sweet cream and pure vanilla extract

Limited Flavors

Black Sesame

Made from black sesame paste and toasted black sesame seeds


Sweet ripe mangoes

Tofu pudding

Silken tofu with housemade syrup

Cherry Lavender

Achieve with sweet cherries and dried lavender buds

Red Bean

Made with sweetened Azuki red beans

Vietnamese Coffee

Premium Vietnamese Coffee with vanilla base


Very ripe honeydew melons

Thai Tea

Thai tea leaves paired with condensed milk

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